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How to Get the Best Location - Tips from SOUL x COFFEE

You have already decided that you want to become the owner of a coffee station and are thinking about finding the perfect place for it? We have prepared detailed instructions on how to proceed to find the best place.
First of all, we recommend ordering a stand, and then starting to search for a location, since it takes about 45 days to make a coffee stand, and some landlords, when signing a contract, want to see a stand at the location the next day.
To optimize the process of identifying new locations for placing SOUL x COFFEE coffee stations as efficiently as possible, we offer the following collaborative format:
Location Analysis:

Begin by conducting a thorough analysis of the potential locations across the city. During this phase, collect essential contact information for each location.

Organize all the gathered data systematically by categorizing the locations based on their types. For instance, group all business centers in one category, hospitals in another, and so forth. This method ensures that no potential location escapes our attention.
Detailed Information:

Fill in the suggested table for each location category, including crucial information such as the location’s name, address, and contact details.
Outreach via Email:

Initiate contact with the property owners or managers of each location by sending a well-crafted email offering collaboration. In this email, provide a concise introduction to our coffee stand, highlighting its advantages and unique features to elicit a response. Attach a presentation about the project with photos of the station to the letter for the best presentation of the project. Feel free to use the sample emails that we will provide you with.
Personal Contacts:

For a more productive search, arrange personal meetings and initiate phone calls, since emails do not always reach the recipients and the time to review them may be too long. Remember that the main thing in entrepreneurship is initiative.
Record Email Dates:

Log the date of dispatch for each outgoing email, call and meeting in the corresponding table to maintain a comprehensive record of all interactions.
Scheduling Zoom Meetings:

Schedule Zoom meetings with representatives who have responded to your emails, ensuring that the scheduling is coordinated efficiently.
Presentation Preparation:

Begin preparations for a presentation of the SOUL x COFFEE project, which will be conducted in collaboration with representatives from both the SOUL x COFFEE team and the identified locations.
By following this structured approach, we aim to efficiently identify and secure suitable locations for our coffee stations, fostering productive collaborations along the way.