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Version date: 15.03.2023

This Policy describes how SOUL x COFFEE e.U. Kendlerstraße 2A, Top 16/3G, 1140-Wien («SOUL x COFFEE" or "we" or "us" or "our") uses cookies and similar technologies to collect and store information when you ("you" or "your") visit our webpage For additional information on our data processing activities, please visit the
Data Privacy Notice.


1.1. What are Cookies?
Cookies are small files that are stored on your device when visiting our website containing certain information and sending certain information to the party that has placed the cookie. Cookies can come from different sources: first party cookies - served by SOUL x COFFEE, and third-party cookies - served by third parties providing services to SOUL x COFFEE. While we may allow third parties to access the website to place these cookies on users’ devices, we do not retain control over the information supplied by the cookies, nor do we retain access to that data. This information is controlled wholly by that third party and subject to their privacy notice.
Our websites may place session and persistent cookies on your device. The difference between a session and a persistent cookie relates to the length of time the cookie lasts. Session cookies are cookies that typically last for as long as you are using your browser, or browser session. When you end your browser session, the cookie expires. Persistent cookies, as the name implies, are persistent and will last after you close your browser. This allows, for example, for quicker and often more convenient access to our website
In addition, Cookies can be assigned to four cookie categories, depending on their intended purpose or function: strictly necessary cookies, performance cookies, functional cookies, and targeting cookies.

1.2. Why are Cookies used?
Cookies are necessary to provide certain functionalities of the webpage (e.g., maintaining language preferences. For the issuer of a cookie, it offers the possibility to recognize the website usage, to identify returning end devices, and enables it to improve the website usability.

Some of these cookies store really basic information about our site’s users, and that really basic information really helps us help you navigate our website really easily. But not all of them are easy to identify (unless you are entering contact information like your e-mail address in a form somewhere on purpose, well then, we do have that piece of information saved about you), so we thought we’d break it down for you. Below, you can read all about the different types of cookies we collect and store on our site, how long we save them for and how they are used.


The name kind of gives it away, but just to be super clear – necessary cookies are very, very necessary. Without them, basic website functions like site navigation and accessibility would not be possible, and we would not even be able to provide you with a properly working website to visit. And that would just not be fun for anybody.

To be able to save your preferred settings or personal details for future visits, we use functional cookies. Without these types of cookies, we wouldn’t be able to tailor our services and features the way you like it. Functional cookies are necessary as they allow us to make sure that your visit is as easy and smooth as possible. That means that the next time you come back to our site, you won’t have to repeat annoying things like choosing the language that is most relevant to you. You can just jump straight in and check out what’s new in the world of SOUL x COFFEE. Pretty nice, huh?

Analytical cookies collect general information and analytics about the way you use our site and services, so that we can track our website visitor’s behaviours and traffic and other geeky stuff like that. To be totally transparent, these cookies are probably the creepiest ones. But to not freak you out completely, we can’t see exactly who does what how many times – it’s just all a bunch of numbers to us.

Okay, seems like we just lied above, as these cookies probably qualify as the most creepy cookies of them all. Because yes, third-party cookies are purely placed on a website to track visitor’s activities, with the intent of using that information for advertising purposes. But now that we have admitted that we’re using them, or at least one of them, it’s of course totally up to you to decide whether the level of creepiness is acceptable to you or not.

Since you’ve made it all the way down to this ‘cookies management’ section deep in our cookie policy, you probably know a bit about the usage and range of cookies we have on our site by now. It’s all pretty boring everyday website stuff to us, but if it doesn’t sound that way to you and you would like to control or review what types of cookies are currently being stored or maybe even go all out and clear any previously stored cookies, you can totally do that by adjusting the settings in your web browser or hand-held high-tech device. Simply go to the settings or preferences tab to manage your cookies and learn how to block all cookies, only accept first-party cookies, or clear out all cookies whenever you close down your browser. You can also go to to find out even more about all this cookie management stuff.
And if you don’t like the thought of Google Analytics collecting and storing information about you, there’s this web browser add-on called Google Analytics Opt-out that you can install that will help you out of that situation.
In the spirit of privacy, all of this cookie finetuning stuff is entirely up to you, but just keep in mind that visiting our site may not be the smoothest experience of your life if you choose to opt out of all the cookies. But we’re going to leave that one up to you.
That’s it. Congratulations, you made it to the very end of another boring cookie policy. You may now go pour yourself another glass of delicious specialty SOUL x COFFEE drink to celebrate.
If you have concerns or questions regarding this Policy, please contact us as follows:
Kendlerstraße 2A, Top 16/3G