Once in early spring of 2022 an unlikely mob of creatively hungry nomad Soulmates decided to embody their wildest ideas, common effort and valuable experience into a unique product. Driven by a love for specialty coffee and all of the cultures in its orbit we plucked up all our courage to revolutionise the niche of self-service.

Soul x Coffee - is the future in the field of self-service coffee today. A unique brand that combines technology, comfort, quality and environmental friendliness. The peculiarity of the Soul x Coffee self-service coffee station is that this business model occupies only 1m2 of space, while maintaining the quality of a barista at the price of coffee from a vending machine.

Our goal
Change the market of vending machines and fast hot drinks to-go. We want good quality coffee become available for everyone. Therefore, our self-service coffee stations work only on speciality coffee beans, fresh cow's milk and oat alternative, and also provide an opportunity to taste not only classics, but also unusual flavours such as matcha and chai latte.

Our Vision
A qualitative revolution in the self-service market. Replace outdated, soulless and tasteless vending machines with qualitatively new self-service stations of the next generation, producing drinks that everyone can afford.

Our mission
Make Specialty coffee more accessible on the go and in a normal everyday environment! Aesthetically enrich public spaces.